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The North American University ACM

Association for Computing Machinery

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What are the benefits to join us

  • Grow you network

    "It is not what you know, but who you know". It is so important for career advancement. Connecting people with deep experience and expertise helps you to expedite your learning. Being a part of NAU ACM club is great opportunity to grow a community. In NAU ACM club, you can work with a group of people with similar interest. You can find future collaborators, discuss ideas and get feedback. Also, participating activities of NAU ACM club, provide opportunities to meet distinguished computing professionals and grow your personal network.

  • Create a strong resume

    A strong resume can help you stand out in the crowd. It is our goal to assist our members with preparing their next great career opportunity, in both academia and corporate. NAU ACM provides various facilities that you can list on your resume such as research labs that you can find your group and develop your projects; organizing/participating seminars, workshops, hackathons in particular topics, etc. NAU ACM will help you to improve your resume, by advancing your career and enriching your knowledge.

  • Get accepted to Internships & Researches

    Joining the ACM offers you a variety of outcomes. One of those is an internship and research acceptance at prestigious places. When we say prestigious places we are talking about names such as the internship places where students got accepted to Harvard, Princeton, Amazon, and Google etc. However, none of these places could have been reached without the necessary commitment. Every student as a member of ACM club is having a minimum requirement of an hour commitment to the work they do or to the areas of their specializations. The preeminent thing that comes before the commitment and everything else is students’ will to expand their knowledge, broaden their horizons, and become a role model for others. The role of internships and researches during our undergraduate education is a significant switch for our future steps, whether we prefer to continue in an industry sector or go for academia. Undergraduate research and internships prepare us for a job market, it helps us learn how to work within the team, how to tolerate other opinions, it helps us to sharpen and polish our skills. Also, undergraduate research and internships are a great resume builder. Research faculty and employers can be great references.

  • Be a professional on your field

    ACM is giving it's members a great environment where you can develop yourself with many motivated students, and professional professors. ACM is also supported by many peoples from the industry such as the Co-founder and CEO of HackerRank, Vivek Ravisankar. ACM has a great research lab, where you can work on a research with your group members and develop your project in a great way. + In ACM is also hosting many events and inviting people from best companies in Computer Science world. For example, last year we organized a Microsoft event, there was three speakers talked about what they are doing in Microsoft, how to get in there. Another great event was made about R-Studio by Hadley Wickham, he is an expert in R-languauge. There was hundreds of join the event. + Long story short, ACM is giving a great environemnt where you can develop and motivate yourself and be a professional in your field.


All events, workshops, and other highlights of this academic year at ACM

1st December

MLH LocalHost

Join the MLH LocalHost workshop and learn how to hack Amazon Alexa! Workshop will be held in room 404 on December 2nd. There will be swag, snacks, and more.

7th October


North American University's first Major League Hacking Hackathon. The event hosted over 75+ students from all over Texas. A total of 8 projects were submitted for top three categories. There was lots of hacking and fun going on that we can't wait to kick off hack[NAU] 2018!

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Officers 2017-2018

A team of talented students that will change our future

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Ahmet Hamza Emra
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M. Bedir Tapkan
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Omer Faruk
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Serigne Ousmane K. Ciss
Freshman Representative
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